What is SANANGA?

This powerful and sacred medicine is used to cure physical and spiritual ailments by clearing the mind and energies and obtaining a completely new perception and concentration. Sananga is imbued with intentions of absolute clarity and focus. This is used by applying one drop of this golden liquid on both eyes. This sacred cleansing of the eyes facilitates many levels of healing: physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual/energetic. The active ingredients act directly on the root cause of the dis-eases, mainly the energies that create PANEMA (negative emotions and feelings), conditions of depression and psychosomatics. Based on other studies made on Sananga, it has also been found effective for the treatment of certain skin dis-eases (dermatitis). The natives use this versatile remedy for fever control, emetic, diuretic, to relieve dental problems, fight snake bites, heal poisonings, heal eye wounds, and rheumatism. The roots of the shrub where Sananga comes from (Tabernaemontana undulata) is widely explored for its concentrated antimicrobial,antioxidant, and antibiotic effects. A single drop per eye is enough for a powerful Sananga cleansing session. Shortly after applying to the eyes, most users report an intense burning sensation. These effects occur after a few minutes and can be alleviated by focusing on your breathing and accepting the medicine to work its way into your energetic body and heal you. Acute effects will go away in 10 to 15 minutes, but subtle side effects can last for several days.

Benefits of Sananga

🌿For Physical Ailment - The indigenous peoples have used sananga to treat eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and blindness for milenia. 🌿For Spiritual Healing - Sananga calms the central nervous system, clears negativity and long-standing inner anger and is an incredible tool in overcoming addiction, depression, and anxiety. 🌿For Heightened Connection with Source - Increases visual perception and enhances colors,opens the third eye and the intuition. Bringing absolute inner clarity & inner sight. 🌿For Energetic Clearing - Resets the body’s emotional field and opens the heart. On the physical level it cleanses and refreshes the eyes, and has been used in the treatment of: 👁 Myopia, 👁 astigmatisms, 👁 conjunctivitis, 👁 dry and red eyes, 👁 photophobia, 👁 eye infections, 👁 sinusitis, and 👁 chronic headaches 👁 it can also be a great ally in the treatment of chronic pain 👁 Sananga has been indicated in successful studies for use in treating severe cases of GLAUCOMA, CATARACTS, and BLINDNESS 👁 It also increases your long-term vision (important for visualizations and forecasts of the future) In terms of immediate visual improvement, ✨ it gives the environment greater texture and depth, ✨ improved color perception and image definition - I wouldn’t exactly say like watching real life in 4k video quality, but it comes pretty close on certain occasions The pure spirit of Sananga promotes deep cleansing of blocked energies at the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. 🪷 facilitates in opening the third eye 👁 🪷 cleansing and expanding your aura 🪷 creates balance and increase your energies (energy points, keeping a balance emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually), and 🪷 find the roots of your dis-eases and blockages This leads to 🪷 better perception, concentration, and peace of mind 🪷 expanding your spiritual vision and awareness, and 🪷 improving your ability to perceive the intentions of others

IMPORTANT: Proper Use & Care

TAKE OUT YOUR CONTACT LENSES before USE. Do not put on your contact lenses for at least an hour after applying the Sananga

Only one drop per eye is required for a powerful Sananga session.

There is slight sedimentation that occurs at the bottom of the bottle, this is simply the separation of the bark and liquid; make sure to shake well before use.

Sananga has a 6 month shelf life when kept refrigerated.

Keep if from direct Sunlight.

Please note your bottle should never be out of the refrigerator for MORE THAN 48 HOURS.

If you ever open your bottle and it smells funky, DO NOT use it.

Sananga is fresh plant matter with no preservatives and so it CAN GO BAD QUICKLY if not properly stored.

If there is ever any unknown objects or fungi floating around in your bottle, DO NOT use it.

Your Sananga Ceremony

1. Preparation

To start your Sananga Ceremony, begin by setting your intention and opening your heart to the guidance of the Sananga. Find a peaceful area, either indoors or outside, and create your ceremonial space. Light some sage or copal and cleanse the space. Light a candle in prayer to connect you to the light of the Creator. Put on some ceremonial music if you feel called.

2. Position

We recommend sitting in meditation for at least 20 minutes before you work with Sananga, to still the mind and open your heart. This is very important in order for the Sananga to penetrate deeply.

3. Cleanse with Rapéh first

Another incredible tool you can use in preparation before application is breathwork, which will help to align the spiritual, mental, and physical bodies and open the energy channels to receive the medicine. You may choose to work with hapé before or after your session in preparation or to close the ritual.

4. Getting Started

When you are ready, lie down in a comfortable position. Place one drop of Sananga liquid into the inner corner of your eye, either eyes open or closed (closed is a bit easier when applying yourself for the first time). You can also have an experienced practitioner apply the drops for you.

5. Prayer and Reverence

Offer this moment as a payment to the Creator and ask for spiritual resolution; connect with your intention. Blink often and breathe deeply as the Sananga goes into the eye.

6. During Application

The initial drops will burn, but this burn is part of the Creating Your Sananga Ceremony Sananga’s powerful healing and is necessary to relax the central nervous system and release negative energies from the body. Breathe deeply as you feel the powerful medicine penetrating your eye and healing your physical and spiritual being.

Immediate Effects

Initial changes in vision and clarity can be felt within the first 15-20 minutes, yet subtle changes will be felt for days alongside lasting improvements in vision and eye health.

Frequently Asked Questions


It's best to keep your bottle of Sananga refrigerated when not in use, and keep away from direct sunlight. Ensure to shake well before administering.


Our special blend is carefully made fresh by a native Shaman and comes in different potencies. We have it regular, strong, and strong x10. All have very powerful healing effects which bring immediate improvements in vision and perception.


Surrender and acceptance are two key words when working with Sananga. The pain can be intense for some who may need more cleansing, while others may be more relaxed as they have become more accepting of the deep healing from the medicine.

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